Dom Na Barszczowem Kraków

Na Barszczowem House, Krakow

Na Barszczowem House, Krakow
Notes regarding availability: Visiting is possible only from the outside.
Plac Mariacki 9, 33-332 Kraków Tourist subregion: Krakowski
At Plac Mariacki 9, in the place where Czynciel’s Art Nouveau tenement house currently stands, the Na Barszczowem House was located, where Stanisław Wyspiański lived in the years 1898-1901.
He also arranged a modest studio here. Wyspiański occupied the premises on the second floor of the house, with windows on the side of St. Barbara’s Church. Here he wrote many of his leading plays: Lelewel, The Curse, Legion and The Wedding. The house existed till 1907.
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