Kopiec Krakusa Kraków

Krakus Mound Krakow

Krakus Mound Krakow
ul. Kopiec Krakusa, 30-543 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Facilities at cultural sites: Filming permitted, Photographing allowed
The Krakus Mound is the oldest of the mounds in Krakow. Legend has it that it was built to commemorate King Krakus, who was buried at the top of the hill.
The 16-metre tall and 60-metre wide mound was built on Lasota Hill, and it can be found near the Liban Quarry and the Church of St Benedict. Back in the day, the mound was probably a place of worship for pagans, and the church was supposed to evangelise the area. In 1849, the construction of a fort, which constituted one of the elements of the Krakow Fortress – started around the Mound. The fort was torn down in 1954, however, some traces of old fortifications can still be seen on the hill.
These days, Krakus Mound is a popular destination of walks and a great viewpoint. Every year, on Tuesday after Easter, the traditional Rękawki festival, referring to pre-Christian times, when the mound was the site of a pagan ritual associated with the coming of spring, is celebrated there.
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