Pałac Przychockich Wieliczka

Przychocki Palace in Wieliczka

Przychocki Palace in Wieliczka
Rynek Górny 2, 32-020 Wieliczka Tourist subregion: Krakowski
tel. +48 123999800
Type of historical sites: Castles, manor houses and palaces
This Neo-classicist palace is the most impressive building of the Upper Market Square. Erected in the second half of the 18th century on the foundations of the former town hall, as a result of efforts of the townsmen of Wieliczka as well as Jan and Kazimierz Przychocki.
It housed a junior high school, then the Complex of Vocational Schools. A plaque placed on the building commemorates the 24 February 1846, when a revolutionary unit consisting of Wieliczka miners and townsmen, led by Edward Dembowski, set off to Kraków.
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