Wioska indiańska Arapaho Zalas

Arapaho Indian village Zalas

Arapaho Indian village Zalas
Zalas Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Type of entertainment attractions: Atrakcje dla dzieci
The Indian village called Arapaho is located in the Reserve Valley of the Rudno Stream in the Orley Complex, in Zalas – a village located 30 km away from Kraków.
Each child can feel like a genuine Indian here for one day. Shooting a bow, throwing rings onto a bison’s horns, watching original teepees and wild animals’ skins or painting one’s face is only a part of the available attractions. Walking the Wild West Conquerors’ Route is an excellent method of active rest – it includes climbing and descending the rope and the spider's web and walking on the balance beam. After the adventure-packed day, the young Indians can rest beside the fire, listening to old Indian stories. The village offers very attractive programs for schools and kindergartens. There is also a souvenir shop on the premises.
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