Fishing in Małopolska

Fishing in Małopolska

In Małopolska, anglers may discover many places to which they definitely would like to return. Mountain rivers, rushing streams and quiet lakes are not only perfect fisheries, but also places, where you can admire breathtaking landscapes and enjoy your stay in the wild nature of Małopolska.

The most famous mountain fisheries can be found in the Dunajec, Poprad and Raba Rivers. They are the kingdoms of fly fishing. You can catch stream trouts and graylings here, also by spinning. Fisheries in the Poprad river are similar in character. The use of artificial and plant baits is acceptable, and apart from mountain species, you can also find burbots and eels here. In the Raba river, which is a mountain river up to the Gdów bridge, and a lowland river in the lower part, apart from trout, you can find graylings, chubs, daces, barbels, asps, perches and sea trouts. Popular lowland waters include large artificial lakes like the Czorsztyn lake. It features pikes, pikeperches, perches, breams, roaches, chubs, bleaks, sometimes tenches and burbots. Moreover, in the most popular fishery located by the Pod Hubą bridge, you can come across a cyprinid, a barbell, stream and rainbow trout, brown trout and Danube salmon. Rożnowskie Lake is abundant with breams, but you can also find some roaches and perches, as well as marvellous pike perches, and, to name a few, pikes, wels catfish, carps, eels and tenches. There is also a slightly smaller artificial Klimkówka lake in the Low Beskid, where, apart from pikeperches, you will also find chubs, perches, crucians, pikes and brown trouts. Fish ponds in the area of Zator are among the most interesting fisheries. They are the true kingdoms of carps. However, they are also home to grass carps, wels catfish, pikes and silver Prussian carps.

Important information:
• please remember that there are protection periods, when angling for certain species is prohibited;
• if you are planning to go fishing, you need to obtain a fishing card issued by the district authorities at the place of your residence. You will then be required to pay the fees to the owner or administrator of a fishery you are planning to visit. In the protection zone of the Pieniny National Park, angling from the riverbank is prohibited;
• on the Czorsztyn Lake, it is prohibited to angle within the protected zone of the Pieniny National Park, as well as during the night and with bait of over 2 kg;
• on the Rożnowskie Lake, you are not allowed to spin fish or to use live or dead fish bait from January to April;
• on Klimkówka lake, you can use any kind of bait, but pikeperches are subject to a protection period (Jan-May);
• From January to April, you cannot spin fish or use live or dead fish as bait;
in May, it is prohibited to fish at night.

Fishing in Małopolska: details about fisheries around Nowy Sącz (the Dunajec and Poprad rivers, Czorsztyńskie Lake, Rożnowskie Lake): Polish Angling Association, district of Nowy Sącz,; trout fisheries in the Raba river near Myślenice:; Podlipki commercial fishery of the Angling Research Centre (Rybacki Zakład Doświadczalny) in Zator:; fisheries around Kraków and Tarnów: Polish Angling Association, district of Kraków and Tarnów,

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