Zarabie „Strefa Wolnego Czasu” Myślenice

Zarabie “Free Time Zone”, Myślenice

Zarabie “Free Time Zone”, Myślenice
Zarabie, Myślenice Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Type of other practical information: parking for bicycles
Situated in the picturesque valley of Raba, the recreational district of Myślenice tempts with numerous attractions. Here, in the summer, you can spend a great time at the swimming pool or bathing beaches in Górny and Dolny Jaz, while in the winter you can ski on Chełm Mountain. Zarabie offers a wide range of accommodation, catering and sporting facilities for those who desire a few days stay here. It is also welcoming to children – as well as aquatic recreational facilities, there are numerous playgrounds awaiting them. Also, you can ascend Chełm Mountain via cable car and then climb the viewing tower. By the inn perched on top of the mountain, a number of popular cycling, descending, hiking and tourist tracks can be found. Zarabie also includes a Nature Park (for older children and adolescents) complete with a paintball field for the shooting of paint, a rough-terrain quad track (with ramps, ditches, and gentle and sharp bends), a rope course suspended 4m above the ground (for children over 140cm high), flying-fox rides, and an inflated 8-metre-high climbing wall (divided into easy routes for older children and more difficult ones for adolescents and adults). Additionally, you can also play volleyball, badminton or pétanque (a form of boules or balls).
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